What is an estate sale?

By David Landsman a.k.a. The Clean Out King

An estate sale is basically like a glorified yard or garage sale except, its held not just in the garage or in the yard but throughout the house. Many times but not always someone has passed away and the family is left with the task of dealing with a whole house full that no one really has room for. Not every estate sale is a result of a death but can be when downsizing, moving out of the country or for any number of other reasons.

In the northeast United States, an estate sale can also be called a “tag sale” which basically means everything that is for sale will have a tag with the asking price.

Normally and estate sale will include almost everything within the house to be included in the sale, sometimes even the appliances and fixtures can be for sale but not always..

When choosing a company to conduct an estate sale there are some key factors that will help you make the right decision..

1) Make sure you choose a company that licensed and insured in the State where the estate sale will be held.

2) Ask what is the percentage that the company charges, the standard is around 30% but can be higher or lower depending on the size of the estate sale.

3) Ask about set up fee’s, advertising fee’s and cleanout fee’s these fee’s can add up and when a company is charging a percentage and a set up fee that can be a red flag.

4) References, don’t be afraid to ask to call on past customers who have used a particular company to make sure you are getting a company with a stellar reputation.

5) Make sure you ask about what happens with the items that do not sell at the sale, many times a good company will have a list of dealers who will come in and make an offer on all the remaining items. Sometimes you may have a few items that are quite valuable that did not sell make sure you know what is left over and a good company will offer to send the item to a local auction or return the item to you.

Choosing the right estate sale company can be the difference between thousands of dollars and also choosing the wrong company can leave you with years of regret so don’t be afraid to talk with a number of companies before you sign a contract.

We want you to shop around we know that we offer the best service in the area and we go out of our way to make sure every estate sale we conduct is no only a financial a success but one that leaves our clients saying The Clean Out King and crew did such an outstanding job, we really did hire the best.

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