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This weekend (or any weekend for that matter), ordinary people will purge, and hope to pocket a profit.

You can call it a yard sale, a garage sale or a tag sale. No matter the name, the format is exactly the same: we collect clutter, slap price tags on it, and open for business—often haphazardly.


David Landsman, the self-proclaimed Cleanout King, believes we can do better.

“Everything must go,” he quips.

Landsman’s full time job is running estate sales. So he knows a thing or two about how to improve your next foray into driveway retail.

“This is just a glorified garage sale,” he said of a recent estate sale. As he raced form table to table, he generously dished pro advice for amateurs like us.


An inventory is the first job in Landsman’s world. The best garage sales, he says, begin a few days beforehand with smart sellers plotting out exactly what will stay and what will go.


Landsman recommends an orderly sale. He groups items the same way a store would – and you should too.

“You’ll want to keep all the kitchen items all on one table and all the electronics on the other table,” he said. “Make it real organized.”


Newspaper ads are a stalwart in garage sale playbook. But Landsman doesn’t recommend them anymore. He’s switched to online ads – which are often free.

“We used to advertise in the newspaper. It cost 50 bucks, but it doesn’t bring them in like Craigslist.”


Standout signs are key to attracting a crowd, Landsman says. He uses bright fluorescent colors and scribbles “Mega” on one ad.

“Give them something to go on,” he winks.

Stick to the basics: Address and time. Other text, like an item list, becomes clutter that robs valuable advertising real estate from what matters: your address.


Landsman uses round numbers, like $1.00 and or .50. It’s easy for shoppers to understand and even easier for you to make change.


When you’re doing your inventory and choosing what to charge, be sure to compare prices on websites like Landsman says research is especially important if you plan to sell jewelry.

“People throw their real gold in with what they think is costume jewelry– for .50,” he said. “There are pickers that come along and snap that stuff up.”


Like it or not, garage sale prices are not fixed. Buyers are accustomed to bargaining. It’s engrained in the culture and you’ll simply have to deal with it.

“You’ll see me negotiating,” Landsman.

If you’re suddenly too attached to a particular item to haggle, Landsman is blunt.

“Let it go,” he said.


It’s easier than ever to attach a credit card reader to a smart phone. Using one is simple and inexpensive. Also, a garage sale that accepts credit cards makes it convenient for a buyer to spend more than their cash on hand.



Some sneaky shoppers are out for a 100% discount. Be on the lookout for them.

Landsman says savvy garage sales place valuable products near the cash box— which helps you keep a close eye on them.


The folks at have some interesting data regarding garage sales, such as:

There is an average of 165,000 garage sales in the U.S. each week

The average selling price per item is .85

The best time to start a garage sale is 7:00 a.m.

Saturday is the best day to hold a garage sale


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