Estate Services by The Clean Out King

This page gives an overview of the many Estate Services we offer. We treat each situation with professionalism and flexibility, and recognize the diversity of each situation. Therefore, we may offer a combination of services. Estate sales, Estate buyouts, and Estate Clean outs. If you have any questions at all about any of our Tampa Bay area estate services, or you’re not sure what an Estate Sale is, we are always here to help! Just a phone call or email away; and don’t worry if your questions seems strange, like we said, every situation is unique, so drop us a line if we can be of any help in any situation.

Estate Sale Service:

At The Clean Out King Inc., our typical estate sale is an in-home sale, two days in duration, with patrons visiting on Friday, Saturday. The estate sale process starts with an initial consultation, which is always free, discreet, and conversational. Once you decide to work with The Clean Out King, we set a date for the sale and begin preparing the premises. All estate sales are advertised to give you the best value for your dollar while affording the sale and the exposure necessary to bring in motivated buyers. Most importantly, our own email list and relationships throughout Tampa Bay ensure a reliable network of patrons for your sale.The dedicated and professional staff at The Clean out King will manage all aspects of pricing and display, often finding the hidden potential in forgotten items. Our friendly team also remains on site during the sale, available to customers to answer questions while reinforcing security on the premises.

At The Clean Out King, we are dedicated to maximizing the value of your estate while ensuring a smooth and professional estate liquidation. Finally, unlike other companies we will leave your premises empty and broom clean so you can remain totally free from the hassles of an often stressful situation. We even coordinate having everything left over donated to your favorite charity.

Complete Clean Out Service:

Many times we offer this service when there is a bunch of trash or stuff that really isn’t worth trying to resell or donate. The cost to you, our client, is determined according to time, manpower, and dump fees. When these costs exceed the value of the estate items, a clean out will likely be your most feasible and convenient option. We are always sensitive and discrete to personal information- if we find family photos or heirlooms, we will safely stow them for removal at your convenience; if we find personal documents or financial information, we will dispose of them as you see fit. We also try to provide a variety of options with all of our consultations; whether it be an estate cleanout, estate buyout or any combination of estate services, we can help you figure out which option will best accommodate you.

Partial Estate Clean Out/Buy Out:

At The Clean Out King, we deal with estates of all shapes and sizes, thus we pride ourselves on working with our clients to choose the best option for both parties. The Partial Estate clean out or Partial Estate buy out will typically be your best choice when you do have some saleable items of value, but are also in need of help with labor intensive trash cleanup.

We will make an offer by determining a fair price for the purchase of your items and deducting our labor and trash fees. Sometimes you end up with some cash for your stuff, and we haul the junk away too. Other cases, it turns out to be an even trade of labor for merchandise. Even if there are only a few items of value, it often relieves a portion of the cost to our clients, which makes everyone happy! Either way, when choosing an estate company like The Clean Out King for any estate service, we always do our best to look at each situation and offer a number of options or estate services.

Complete Buy Out Service: The Clean Out King Estate Services

With more then $20,000.00 available for buying, we are always looking for good quality merchandise. We buy entire estates, full storage units, utility sheds, Pods, full garages, and more. The Estate Buyout option often saves time in the long run and will often end up being the easiest and fastest way to liquidate an estate, putting cash in the hands of our clients today, not tomorrow.

In addition to being a quick, cut and dry option, a Complete Buy Out is great for both parties when an estate sale is not feasible- an estate sale can take up to several weeks to prepare, and sometimes our clients just need the job done! There may not be enough merchandise to warrant an estate sale, or the location of the property may not permit for heavy traffic and related challenges.

Free Consultation Service:

No matter what kind of stuff you want to get rid of, with more then 25 years of professional experience, we promise to advise our clients to the best of our ability. We are experts in liquidating entire estates, general merchandise, antiques and much more. We serve all of the greater Tampa Bay Area, as well as surrounding vicinities, so please give us a call today, and let’s see how we can best serve you!

Certified Appraisal Service:

Additionally, at the Clean Out King, we pride ourselves on putting in 110% to get the job done, so that both our clients and we can feel good knowing that we earned the maximum return possible. For this reason, we recognize the need to occasionally bring in appraisers and industry experts, to insure that your valuables are priced to get you as much money as it is worth, and are also priced to sell.

Professional Selling Service:

We can also offer to sell your merchandise for a fee. We encounter specialty, antique, and vintage items all the time that would be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars to the right buyer- if you know how to find them. You never know what a rarity might be worth. We are experts, using eBay, local classifieds, and our shop to consign your higher dollar items. Sometimes it just makes more sense for us to sell your items for you rather then buy them outright. No matter what, we will always do our best to get you the most for your items whenever possible.