A Job Superbly Done

A Job Superbly Done!
David recently took on the task of cleaning out my father’s estate. This included a main house where my parents had lived for 47 years and a vacation house. Per our arrangement, he and his crew picked sale-able items from the vacation house and held the sale in the main house. My father was a collector of stuff, and David had a lot to sort through. I’m sure he spent many hours preparing for the sale.
Prior to the sale, David distributed online photographs of the merchandise. I found the tables to be well organized. I was also surprised by some of the pricing. I had no idea what things were worth. Had I tried to conduct this sale myself, I would have “given away” many items. A quick Google search found that David had placed extensive online advertisements not only on his website and Facebook, but also on other sites like Craigslist and estatesales.org. In addition, he advertised in the newspaper.
The result was a heavily attended sale. A report I heard was that sixty people were lined up on Friday morning waiting for the doors to open. While I am not local, my sister did attend the sale mid-day on Saturday. She noted many well-constructed signs leading people to the sale. She said that even so late into the event, the street was full of cars due to the crowds attending the sale. She observed David and several of his crew and said they kept everything running smoothly.
Immediately after the sale ended, David emailed a rough estimate of the proceeds to me. During the cleanup phase, he was able to sell some of the remaining items as a lot. He hauled off the unsellable items and swept out the house, garage, and even the shed in the back yard. Within three days after the sale ended, he sent me pictures of the cleaned out house. Amazing! It has never been so clean. At the same time, he provided the finalized statement. Within a week, I received the check in the mail.
Throughout the whole process, David has been easy to communicate with and has been very professional in his conduct. When I estimate the amount of work involved, I’m sure David and his crew put at least 100 man-hours into the estate sale. That far exceeds my capability, especially since I am remote. The final amount we received was higher than David’s initial estimate. I believe it was more than I could have obtained on my own due to the proper pricing and the high volume of shoppers. And the final result, returning a clean house to us, has been so helpful to my family.
So, thanks David and thanks to your crew on a job superbly done. – 25th March 2013 – Dan Gulkis