MORE Than Pleased

Let me first preface this with stating that I have never left a review for ANYTHING, but hands down, no question, without a doubt -my experience with the Clean Out King is the single greatest transaction I have EVER been a party to or have knowledge of in my almost 20 year experience as a corporate attorney dealing in contracts. For close to that many years I have been faced with the prospect of having to clean out a hoarder’s home upon their death. It was something that kept me up many nights even while this person was in good health. Another relative in all compassion, stated, “it was never their death that I dreaded as the worst day of my life, but the day their house had to be cleaned out.” To add to the complexity of my situation, I live out of state and had no resources as to how to even get started. –And did I mention I would be doing this on my own? I began my research, read every review and called every place that offered dumpsters, cleaning crews and man power. (I have notebooks of notes!) I talked extensively with numerous businesses, made my lists and made my way to Florida. Imagine my surprise when I arrived to a house that not only needed to be cleaned out from the inside, but had numerous cut down tree debris on all sides of the home to the extent that I had incredible difficulty even gaining access inside the home. Upon entry and having prepared myself almost 20 years for this moment that I fully expected to be the worst experience of my life I discovered a water leak. My situation at this point was pretty much unbearable. I was truly stunned and I’ve never been so overwhelmed. My first call was to the plumber. My second call was to the Clean Out King. Remember, I had done my research and had already determined that the Clean Out King would provide me the best value and the best services for what I required (which was everything). David Landsman THE Clean Out King may regret having answered my call, but he came shortly thereafter. I know he must have been stunned to have seen my predicament. Whether he was challenged by it or felt pity for me his professionalism and compassion never let it be known. I will say both my plumber and AC repair man (did I mention the AC wasn’t working?) both explicitly stated (on separate occasions), “You look desperate.” David however, didn’t blink other than to say, “this is a big job.” That much was obvious. His words however and what he offered me to essentially “FIX MY LIFE” in that moment was everything I could have wished for- truly. This job required removing every stick of everything–emptying the house and of course the out buildings – (they were stuffed too), taking up ALL the wet carpet, cleaning out the garage and attic spaces, clearing all the debris in the yard (numerous trees) and disposing of all hazardous materials properly. I can’t say enough about David and his crew. Their incredible good nature, lack of judgment and tireless work ethic is unparalleled to anything I have ever witnessed. Despite this being the worst experience of my life, I’m grateful for having met David and his crew. They delivered far more than I could have ever expected and took care of me as if I were their mom or sister. They did absolutely everything for me, understood my objective and never once asked me to renegotiate our deal, or tell me they couldn’t do something. They saw and just did what needed to be done. -And they did it all with a jovial spirit. –And did I mention they finished this job in far less time than originally expected? There is no way 99% of you reading this review will have a job quite like mine, but I can assure you, The Clean Out King is prepared and more than capable of accomplishing what you require. Save yourself the research (I’ve done it all). I’ve spoken to the Clean Out King’s services. As to the cost: The Clean Out King turned out to be 1/10th of the cost of the next cheapest service! DID YOU HEAR THAT? Honestly, I’ve never had anyone do so much for me. I’m so grateful for David Landsman and his kindness. I’m certain you will be MORE than pleased. – 24th November 2014 – Gayle