What A Great Job

What a great job!!
David and his Clean Out King crew were emotional lifesavers for me. My late mother was one of those hoarders like you see on TV. She saved every letter, every magazine and every single piece of mail she ever got. She bought things because they were on sale and kept them squirreled away in every inch of her 1800 square foot house. I live out of town and I was a mental wreck after I tried to begin sorting through all that stuff. My husband called The Clean Out King to take over the overwhelming task. David and the guys came in and worked for almost a week going through the piles, throwing out the garbage and keeping what could be salvaged – first holding a great yard sale and then donating the rest to those in need. They even found some savings bonds (which they turned over to me) amidst the piles of junk. I could never have cleaned out the house on my own. When I went back after the job was done, the house was empty and swept clean – and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg (or my mental health). I would highly recommend The Clean Out King for any space you need to clean out. If they can handle the mess I gave them, they can handle anything. – 20th May 2012 – Vicki